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Cunningham Immigration is a champion in immigration consultancy industry dedicated to offering unmatched immigration solutions to individuals, families, students, entrepreneurs and investors. The group has successfully delivered unparalleled services for skilled, business, student and investor visa aspirants. Cunningham Immigration is a professional Immigration Law Consulting Firm assisting private and corporate clients from around the world. The aim is to smooth out the difficulties encountered by its global clients in the immigration process. We specialize in UK, USA, Canada, Caribbean, Vanuatu and other European Countries.

The key objective is to create wide range of immigration opportunities for all – including entrepreneurs, investors, self-employed people, businessmen, skilled professionals, students and overseas jobseekers.

Our Services

Permanent Residency

Canada's and Australia's skilled worker programs are the two most sought after programs among skilled professionals, who are aspiring to work and settle abroad.

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Immigration Advice

We deliver customised permanent residency and citizenship solutions for Senior Corporate Executives, business persons, high net worth individuals, investors, start-up entrepreneurs, students and their families.

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Benefits of Having a PR Visa.

Major benefits for those who become permanent residents

  • A Booming economy with lots of jobs
  • Excellent medical and health care treatment for free
  • Free high-quality education ( To All Children Under Age of 18)
  • Social services and social security benefits


Business Immigration

Business Immigration requires careful planning and immaculate execution. Our Best Business Immigration Visa Consultants take care of all the relevant rules & regulations, policies & procedures. After a careful evaluation to all of these, we then make the perfect Strategic Immigration Plan for you. You can rely on our years of experience of Business Immigration Services for expert recommendations &advice. If you are ready to immigrate then take a step forward and we will get you the giant leap. Always remember immigration is the key to unlock countless benefits.

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Safe Future for Your Family

Always have a plan B, a second citizenship is a satisfying alternative. Europe or Caribbean or Vanuatu offer stability, safety and many other advantages.

Better Life

Many people are looking to enhance their lifestyle by living in Europe or another country. The lifestyle advantages could include better health-care, natural environment, infrastructure, culture and the like.

European Education

If you have an EU passport, your children will have full access to the highly-developed European education system at the same price as any other EU student.