Citizenship by Investment

What are the main benefits of a second passport?

A second passport opens up new opportunities. You can move to your new country; you can secure your wealth or even extend your business and optimise your taxation. Your children may have access to better and higher-level education. Second citizenship is insurance. Should your home country undergo any substantial political or economic crisis, you have the option to relocate everything and everybody to a stable and safe country. Or you may have the best place for retiring.


Safe Future for Your Family

Always have a plan B, a second citizenship is a satisfying alternative. Europe or Caribbean or Vanuatu offer stability, safety and many other advantages.

Better Life

Many people are looking to enhance their lifestyle by living in Europe or another country. The lifestyle advantages could include better health-care, natural environment, infrastructure, culture and the like.

European Education

If you have an EU passport, your children will have full access to the highly-developed European education system at the same price as any other EU student.

Free Movement

One of the major benefits of the second passport is freedom of travel. You are allowed to freely travel throughout the European countries, Russia, China, and 100+ other countries without a visa.